All Police/Gardai take an oath and to uphold the Law of the Land.


Some do, a lot don't


Actions of a Corrupt Cop e.g

1. Breaking The Law: Drinking Alcohol confiscated from the General Public (usually Minors), Using Drugs confiscated from the General Public (usually Minors) when Off Duty, Running Redlights & making unlawful left and righthand turns both in their private cars and patrol cars with no siren or blue lights illuminated & Turning on their Blue Lights to avoid traffic to get to their continous Coffee Breaks.

2. Brutality

3. Intimidation

4. Arresting without reason

5. Other Forms of Injustice

6. Excessive Force

7. Opportunistic Revenue Gathering: Speeding Ticket, Parking Ticket, Minor Offences, Arresting.

8. Hypocritical: Has different views when on duty and off duty e.g Drink, Drugs, Speeding, breaking the Law etc.

9. Entrapment

10. Narcissistic


The List goes on and on !!!!


For that reason we the people must keep them in check by recording, filming and photographing their every move within the Law.


Share this data through Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook or alternatively upload them to the photo gallery or video gallery on this website to make people worldwide aware of their unjust actions. The onus is on everyone to expose these criminals with Badges for what they really are !.


A Quote from Copblock.org" Badges Dont Grant Extra Rights "


Remember, Power Corrupts


If your abiding by the Law like the rest of the people, you have nothing to fear from Corruptcops.net !!


I can be emailed at corruptcops12@yahoo.com or gardawatch@yahoo.ie with any questions, information, photos or videos. I'll endeavour to publish them on the website. You can follow me on twitter @corruptcops12 & @gardawatch



List of convicted Policemen (and women).pdf

Penalty Points Garda Report 30/05/2013.pdf

Matt Cooper - Wilson Whistleblower on Garda Corruption 30/05/2013.mp3



CLICK HERE to enable the People of Ireland have a voice. Share your problem or idea to petition the Government to get the country back on track. The Power must be taken away from the EliteRestored to the Ordinary People of Ireland. At Present the latter have NO SAY WHATSOVER.


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